Having setup shop in his garage back in 1952 and with the brand still going to this day, Ernesto Colnago’s bikes are arguably the most prestigious and iconic bikes ever made. Hand-made, hand painted and beautifully finished. Such frames hang on our shop walls and are admired and drooled over as much pieces of art, as they are stunning road bikes. Custom built from the ground up there are few brands to offer something as truly special as Colnago.

While Colnago have expanded the range in recent years with new models and designs to offer more options in terms of comfort, aerodynamics or value, for us the heart still pines for the true heritage and beauty of the classics. The full carbon Colnago C64 available in an array of stunning paint jobs is a standout choice but for many the Colnago Master X-Light and the re-released Colnago Arabesque finished with a silver Campagnolo group-set and hand built wheels are the true homage to tradition.