F.A.S.T service

F.A.S.T SERVICE – Saves up to 8watts!

Pro trade secrets for your bike

Do you have a big race coming up?

Do you want to go faster?

Our unique service saves around 8w = 35 sec in 25 miles or a bike length per lap of the velodrome!

Our in house F.A.S.T service (Final Advantage Speed Tuning) will make your bike perform at its absolute best for your big event.

The service includes Strip, ultra-sonic clean, re-build of all bearings, wheels, bottom-bracket, pedals and jockey wheels. Oil seals removed them treated with a super fast light lubricant. Your chain will go through our SPEEDCHAINS Wax System to give your chain 350km of increased efficiency and power output.

As an added bonus you will also be able to discuss equipment and tyres with Scott so you can guarantee the fastest times possible.

Book your bike in today and realise your potential.

Only £80.00